Over the Bifrost

In which Pocket Loki does things, visits places and poses with stuff. Sometimes he also lets his brother share the spotlight.

This was such a fun project!  Thank you so much for sharing your pattern.  I used Red Heart Super Saver and mercerized cotton yarn for their hair.  I also used felt fabric for Thor’s cape instead of crocheting because it kept curling on me :(

Submitted by Bogee Romero

Pocket Loki had #TeaOnTheTrain.

Pocket Loki made a short stop in London.

i wanted to show you my Loki. it was really hard to make. you´re a great influence.

Submitted by pie-for-destiel

Already waiting for Iðunn’s apples.

Mine is finished. His hair is fabulous XD

Submitted by Sigilien

Adventures in wool.

Pocket Loki is not fond of Mondays.