Over the Bifrost

In which Pocket Loki does things, visits places and poses with stuff. Sometimes he also lets his brother share the spotlight.
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Kneeling? Great.
Offerings of chocolate cake? Even better.

Pocket Loki proudly wears his Rainbow Dash badge.

Pocket Loki enjoys a semla on Shrove Tuesday.


You have heart.

(Heart pattern by  Kristin Ledgett)

Would you trust him with your heart?

Loki an Thor found themselves in a pile of bricks.

… and here we see a rare pocket sized frost giant in its natural habitat.

The Tenth, Eleventh, and War Doctors from Doctor Who, based on the pocket Loki pattern and complete with a fez! I had to adjust for the larger yarn size, but I hope to all 13 Doctors.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you close off the bottom of the head and the top of the body before sewing them together.
overthebifrost overthebifrost Said:

No, the bottom of the head is sewn to the top of the body without closing them.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi!! I love tour craft and I'm trying to make Thor now, but I'm slightly confused in making the wings for the helmet; I don't really understand how I should begin step 3: I would just like to clarify in step 2 if I should turn back to the last st I made in step 2 and if that's the stitch where I begin step 3; or I rotate, like continue around the stitch. I would really love to see a close-up of the wings. I really do appreciate and thank you for sharing your works and time for this question! :D
overthebifrost overthebifrost Said:

Hi and sorry about the delay, dear anon.

The wing are worked back and forth along the same edge of the wing, if that makes any sense. The upper edge of the wing in the picture is the chain 14, starting from right.